2017 LAGPA Conference Registration
2017 LAGPA Conference Registration

Please complete all fields below. Your online registration will be completed with your payment through PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to make an online credit card payment on the PayPal website.  You may also register via regular mail using the PDF registration form (print, complete, and mail along with your payment).


For each concurrent session, please identify your first and second choice for each session by selecting the workshop number from the drop down menu. Use the Session Lists below for reference. This information is for conference planning only—you may attend whichever workshops you would like on the day of the conference.


Session 1 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

1A. Intersectionality and Identity of Queer People of Color

1B. The Gay Divorce Mediation: What Therapists Needs to Know to Help Their Clients Navigate This New Concept

1C. Bisexual Affirmative Counseling and Mental Health

1D. LGBTrauma Healing in Recovery


Session 2 10:45 AM – 12:15 PM

2A. Queers in Search of Refuge

2B. Sexual Pleasure in Light of Intersubjectivity, Neuroscience, Infant Research, Relational Psychoanalysis, and Recognition Theory

2C. Transcending Binary Gender with the Solar Feminine: Women Reclaiming Strength and Power through Female Archetypes

2D. Putting Out the Welcome Mat: Making Your Agency, Office or Organization Welcoming to the Transgender Community


Session 3 2:15 PM– 4:15 PM

3A. Racial Battle Fatigue Syndrome & the Biopsychosocial Health of GBTQ African-American Men

3B. Mitigating Stigma & Discrimination in BDSM: Exploring Therapists’ Social Justice Responsibilities

3C. Resistance! How to Psychologically Support Activism in these Troubling Times Without Losing Your Mind

3D. "Just Because My Husband is a Woman, Doesn't Make Me a Lesbian"

You may register at the door. However, you save considerable money by pre-registering. Prices increase  about 20% on the day of the conference. The cost of CE, breakfast, lunch, and parking for each attended workshop is included in the registration fee.