National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals

We realize those are a lot of words to say in one breath, so feel free to refer to us by our acronym, NOGLSTP. Pronounce it like this: “nah’-goal-step.”

Who are we? We are scientific and technical professionals who earn our livings in the fields of: materials science biomedical engineering geography archeology neurobiology meteorology oceanography medical technology physics electrical engineering biochemistry zoology psychobiology computer science epidemiology microbiology environmental science linguistics chemistry mechanical engineering science education sociology astronomy botany molecular biology anthropology law aerospace engineering science policy physiology ecology patent law geology health professions mathematics and more!

NOGLSTP grew out of Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Scientist (LAGLS). Chuck Stewart was on the LAGLA board for almost 30 years. Although he was not at the founding meeting, he was there soon after.