Out Dancing Ballroom
2005-2006 Member Line Up
Ruben, Chuck, Bill, Kris, Michael, David, Ben-Andy, and Judy in Cha Cha costumes.

Out Dancing Ballroom was founded by Chuck Stewart in 2000 to bring the delights of couple dancing to the LGBT community. The initial meeting garnered almost twenty men and women who helped launch the dance troupe. Over the next six years, until the end of 2006, we performed at every gay pride festival, rodeo, and many private events in Southern California from Los Angeles, to Long Beach, San Diego, San Bernardino, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas. It was lots of fun requiring real dedication from the dancers. The membership of the team changed over time but never less than eight dancers participated allowing us to have up to four couples on stage in certain numbers. Rehearsals were held at both Ripples in Long Beach and Crescent Heights Methodist Church in West Hollywood (since half the members lived in Long Beach and the other half in Los Angeles). We never missed a performance and were well received. Thank you all. We hope that, someday, another dance troupe will form that promotes same-sex couple dancing. As of 2015, same-sex couples are still prevented from competing at international ballroom competitions.

Dance Song Title Artist Time Choreographer  Count Sheets
 West Coast Swing  Man I Feel Like a Woman  Shania Twain  3:54  Chuck Stewart, 2001  Count Sheet
 Waltz  Jitterbug Waltz  Mandy Patinkin  3:49  Chuck Stewart, 2001  Count Sheet
 Cha Cha  Jezebel  Ricky Martin  3:49  Arley Berry-Hill, 2001  Count Sheet
 Tango  El Choclo  Carlos Ravel  3:12  Jeremy Box, 2002  Count Sheet
 East Coast Swing  Sing, Sing, Sing
(with a Swing) from Swing Kids
 Louis Prima  3:03  Jeremy Box, Arely Berry-Hill, and Chuck Stewart, 2002  Count Sheet
 Hustle  I Will Survive  Gloria Gaynor  3:50  Jeremy Box, 2002  Count Sheet
 Merengue  A quien le importa  Thalia  3:35  Chuck Stewart, 2004  Count Sheet
 Country  Heaven Help My Heart  Wynonna Judd  4:41  Kris Williamson and Chuck Stewart, 2005  Count Sheet

If you are interested in some of the administrative side of running a dance company here are some documents. Click any document to review:

Performance History - Six Fun Years
Performance History - Six Fun Years
Out Dancing Ballroom Performance History
Farewell Bow at Valley Pride 2006

10/08 Main Stage at LA Valley Pride--FAREWELL SHOW
08/05 LA Rodeo
07/04 Square Dance Convention in Long Beach
05/21 Main Stage at Long Beach Pride
04/29 San Diego Rodeo

11/05-6 Palm Springs Pride
10/09 LA Valley Pride
09/25-26 Santa Barbara Pride
08/6-7 GSGRA-GLAC (L.A. Gay Rodeo)
7/30-7/31 San Diego Lesbian and Gay Pride
06/18-19 Christopher Street West (LA)

10/16-17 LA Valley Pride
Oct? LA Uptown Gay and Lesbian Alliance at a theater in downtown L.A.
09/17-19 GSGRA-Greater San Diego Chapter (SD Gay Rodeo)
08/6-8 GSGRA-GLAC (L.A. Gay Rodeo)
06/19-20 Christopher Street West (LA)
05/22-23 Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride (with performances at Ripples)
04/02-3 Nevada Gay Rodeo (in Las Vegas)

11/01 Palm Springs Pride
09/27 San Diego Gay Rodeo
07/26 San Diego Gay Pride
06/21 Long Beach Stepping Out Dance
05/31 San Bernardino Gay Pride
04/12 Los Angeles Gay Rodeo and Burbank Hilton
04/10 Oil Can Harry's Rodeo Kick-Off
03/01 Long Beach Stepping Out Dance

Palm Springs Pride
San Diego Gay Rodeo
Long Beach Stepping Out Dance
Los Angeles Gay Rodeo
Ecstasy Cruise Line (see video)
Gay Men's Gathering
Up Town Gay Alliance

San Diego Gay Rodeo
Los Angeles Gay Rodeo
Gay Men's Gathering
Up Town Gay Alliance

PLUS many performances at private dances, bars, churches, etc. each year.

Out Dancing Ballroom

Some dancers stayed with us the entire six years while others stayed a year or two. We thank everyone who brought his or her skills and commitment to the troupe.

Arley Berry Hill (2/2001-10/2003)
Ben-Andy Hein (2/2001-10/2006)
Bill Mitchell (9/2001-10/2006)
Bob Rodriquez (2-4/2001)
Buddy Spencer (2-5/2001)
Chuck Janac (2/2001-2/2004)
Chuck Stewart (2/2001-10/2006)
David Stokes (9/2001-10/2006)
Deborah Rose (9/2001-2/2003)
Derrick Sheldon (2-4/2001)
Dianne Gugel (4/2005-10/2006)
Elbert DuBose (7/2001-6/2003)
Fred Croci (4/2002-12/2002)
Gino Yambao (4/2001-11/2001)
Jeremy Box (9/2001-1/2004)
Jesse Tionko (7/2001-10/2003)
John Batchelor (2/2001-10/2003)
Judy Kadlub (4/2004-10/2006)
Karma Singer (9/2001-3/2004)
Kris Williamson (2/2002-10/2006)
Michael Hughes (2/2002-10/2006)
Ruben Collazo (7/2004-10/2006)
Sid Schier (2-4/2001)
Victoria Martinez (11/2001-2/2002)

Out Dancing Ballroom
Our 2005 Dancer Line-Up
Our 2005 Dancer Line-Up
Performing on the Cruise Ship Ecstasy 2002
Performing on the Cruise Ship Ecstasy 2002

Yep, we performed for more than 900 straight people on the cruise ship Ecstasy. Click on the video clip below and see the 4-minute performance. Unfortunately it is poor quality shot with a home camera and stage strobe lights. The audience whooped it up but a few walked out on us. Guess they weren’t ready for men dancing together to “Man I Feel Like a Woman!” Have fun. We did.

Out Dancing Ballroom
Cruise Ship Ecstacy - 2002
Cruise Ship Ecstacy - 2002

West Coast Swing (4 minutes)

Want to see More Videos?
Want to see More Videos?
Long Beach Pride Main Stage - 2006
Long Beach Pride Main Stage - 2006

All 8 numbers (29 minutes)

LA Pride Country Pavilion - 2005
LA Pride Country Pavilion - 2005

Merenge; Country; East Coast Swing (15 minutes)

Out Dancing Ballroom Photos
Out Dancing Ballroom Photos

Here are more photos of the group over the years.